Vivo new Super FlashCharge technology, could be for 55W charging

The Smartphone maker company Vivo  has applied for a new trademark application . They are working on a new fast charging technology under the name “Super FlashCharge”.

Super FlashCharge
Image by Vivo Global

Last year, Vivo took everyone by surprise as it introduced 120W Super FlashCharge technology. The company claims that its 120W charging technology can completely power a 4,000mAh battery phone in just 13 minutes. Currently, the fastest charging speed offered on a smartphone is 65W, present on Oppo Reno Ace.

Along with Vivo, Xiaomi has also teased its 100W Super Charge Turbo technology that was able to charge a 4,000mAh battery in 17 minutes. However, both these charging technology have been introduced but not yet available commercially.

The company has not announced anything related to this, we expect Vivo to use this new charging technology on its upcoming high-end smartphone. There’s a possibility that the trademark application is for this technology or the new 55W charging tech.

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